Technology Donations Change Lives

Spectrum Ecycle Solutions continues our commitment to supporting local charities by donating technology equipment through Caritas Connections to the US Probation Office’s Reach Higher program. This program is designed to provide ex-offenders access to online courses and help in their educational pursuits. The donated equipment includes laptops, desktops, and printers.

Why Choose the Reach Higher Program?

This worthwhile program provides educational resources to help ex-offenders gain employment skills, pursue trade school courses, and have access to other higher education. Because the program does not have the budget to purchase technology, we’ve donated approximately 180 recycled refurbished laptops since 2014.

How the Donations Help

The Probation Office has shared that the donated technology equipment is contributing significantly to the success of the program. They use the laptops for school work, job searches, and completing job applications. They are also utilized by the recipients’ family members who would otherwise not have access to this technology.

How Can You Help?

Since we do not carry non-profit status, we don’t have a way for our local residents or businesses to directly “donate” laptops for the program, but by recycling your technology with us, you are helping, and not just with this program. Laptops and computers that are in good shape after we destroy the data get set aside and donated to the Reach Higher program and other non-profits in our area.

Thank you for helping Spectrum Ecycle Solutions give back. We couldn’t do it without you and your willingness to recycle your unwanted equipment and technology.  314-428-0777