About Spectrum Ecycle

Our History

Spectrum Ecycle understands the increased accountability and challenges that businesses and organizations face when managing their ever-growing inventory of unwanted technology.

Prior to starting Spectrum, Dave Candelario personally faced his own equipment recycling challenges during his twenty-five years in corporate technology management. Spending an unproductive amount of time managing the complete hardware life cycle in large environments, he realized there had to be a better way, and Spectrum Ecyle was born.We understand that today’s technology leaders often do not have the necessary resources to adequately manage their end-of-life hardware. That’s why we exist – to be your local, trustworthy resource that makes equipment disposition secure and easy.

Reliable Safe Electronics Recycling

Spectrum Ecycle Solution’s mission is based on the belief that forward-thinking businesses, organizations, and individuals see the value in taking a proactive and environmentally-responsible approach to information technology disposition and electronics recycling.Since our founding in 2011, our mission has become ever more urgent to encourage commercial and residential electronics recycling and emphasize that it can be done with the utmost security.

Our Commitment to Safe Handling

We want everyone to understand that electronics recycling is more important than ever to get rid of the ever-mounting equipment that is now being disposed of and relieve our landfills of toxic trash.

Spectrum Ecycle proves that computer and technology recycling can be done efficiently with safety and transparency. We follow the highest standards in how we process your equipment and permanently destroy proprietary information.

In fact, we hold several voluntary industry safety and security certifications because we know how important it is to you that the equipment you no longer need be handled responsibly.

Community Involvement

We not only strive to provide the absolute best practices in our industry, we also have a strong commitment to community. We deliberately seek local companies that are well respected, socially responsible, and serve the community through social services and employment services.

Our non-profit partners include some of the best local charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Saint Patrick Center, Salvation Army, and Caritas Connections. Dave sits on the Board for Project, Inc. and we use Valley Industries’ sheltered workshop for recycling work.

Through these non-profits, recycling services are provided, computer equipment is donated, and employment opportunities arise. We encourage everyone to get involved in making our community a better place to call home.

We Want to Serve Your Organization

Spectrum Ecycle has the expertise and the resources to fully manage your commercial technology disposal process, from equipment pick up to certified destruction and recycling.

Our goal is to serve the core technology disposal needs of your organization, making it easy and stress-free so you can spend your valuable time on more productive efforts.

Let us provide the peace of mind and relief you need when it comes to equipment and technology recycling. Contact us today.

Clients We Serve