What Happens to Recycled Equipment

Safe Technology Disposal

What happens to your equipment once it’s accepted by Spectrum Ecycle? Our operations system is carefully organized, audited, and certified to provide the safest, most secure technology disposal and data destruction in St. Louis.

Our Process

If you arrange for us to pick up your unwanted technology, our crew palletizes, boxes, and labels the equipment from your storage area and loads it onto our truck. Next, your equipment goes directly to our facility for processing where it gets weighed and documented.

Data destruction is then completed and documented. At that point, you will receive a report listing what was received and the total weight. Certificates of data disposition are also presented if that service has been arranged.

100% Refurbish, Recycle, or Upcycle

Once we receive your equipment for recycling, we audit each piece, scan the database and destroy all data, then test to ensure it is an empty computer, scanner, copier, hard drive, or any version of technology where data needs to be wiped clean.

If the clean piece of technology passes our audits and tests and is still functional, we will either refurbish and resell or donate to one of our non-profit partners.  If it does not pass, we take it apart, carefully dispose of any hazardous materials, and sell for parts or recycle each piece. Our goal: 100% recycling or upcycling with no added stress on our landfills.

We Do What We Promise

When you partner with Spectrum Ecycle to dispose of electronic equipment, technology, and perform data destruction, you know you’re getting the best service possible.

We are audited and certified annually – this certification process means you can rest assured we do what we claim to do and do it safely, securely, and responsibly. Spectrum is held to the highest industry standard so you never have to worry about what happens to your information.

Your Unwanted Equipment Helps the Community

When your recycled technology is wiped clean and still functioning, often we refurbish it, donate it, or employ one of our local non-profit partners, like Project, Inc. or Valley Industries, to assist with the recycling process.

With our help (and yours), many local organizations create opportunities for individuals who may need a hand up when it comes to employment, learning computer skills, and job searching. Used equipment also helps the organizations with their technological needs so they can function more efficiently and help more people. For more information on how your old equipment helps others, see our Commitment to Community page.

The End Result

By using Spectrum Ecycle to dispose of technology and piles of electronics – from computers to VCRs and POS systems to circuit boards – you turn unwanted, used items into recycled materials for repurposing and for helping others.

Why wait? Contact us today and breathe a sigh of relief knowing your old electronics are safely, securely gone for good.

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