Certifications Are Important

Certified Electronics Recycling & Data Security

Electronics recycling with data destruction for businesses is more important than ever. The need for secure data and upgraded technology grows stronger every day – that’s why when you dispose of your outdated equipment with massive amounts of data contained within, you need Spectrum Ecycle Solutions.

#1 Secure Business Recycling Services

Our dedication to security and safety shows in our voluntary industry safety and security certifications. We choose to follow these strict industry standards because we know how important it is to you that the equipment you no longer need and the data stored within be handled responsibly.

We want to be your business recycling services partner and make it easy to alleviate this time-consuming, challenging activity from your list of things to do.

What Certified Data Destruction Means

We operate an Environmental, Health, and Safety Management System. This System focuses on environmental responsibility, worker safety, and data security.  The rigorous certifications we hold ensure that our customers get the highest level of standards in the electronics recycling industry. This stringent process is very similar to what hospitals, banks, and manufacturers must follow, making our operation stronger, more secure, and extremely disciplined.

Industry Certifications

Spectrum Ecycle is audited annually to keep the most significant industry certifications that emphasize quality, data security, safety, and transparency. Certifications include:

  • Best-Practices Processes
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Safety Measures
  • Data Security

Choosing to continually improve our processes and follow changing certification guidelines demonstrates that we take extreme effort to ensure that you can trust us to process your equipment and destroy your data in the most responsible manner.

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Stress-Free Data Destruction

We know these certifications, our expertise, and our high level of service give you, our valued Spectrum Ecycle business recycling clients, the confidence and peace-of-mind you need when it’s time to get rid of your unwanted technology.

Contact us today for an estimate, we’ll schedule a pick-up and provide documentation as soon as your information had been destroyed. It’s as simple as that. We look forward to assisting you today.