Data Destruction

Our Top Priority

Safe & Secure Technology Recycling

Commercial equipment and business technology recycling are increasingly important. Businesses are quickly accumulating unwanted equipment as technology changes rapidly. Rather than taking up your already limited time with end-of-life equipment management, Spectrum Ecycle can pick up your equipment for certified commercial recycling, freeing up space and time, and ensuring your electronics and appliances don’t end up in the landfill.

How do we ensure there is nothing left on your unwanted computers, towers, phones, and copiers?

Unlike some electronics recyclers, we do not send your data-bearing devices to other facilities – we always complete your data destruction at our certified facility. Once we document and load your unwanted equipment onto our trucks, it is immediately transported directly to our St. Louis facility for processing.

Once we begin processing your equipment, the data on magnetic media is destroyed by either physical destruction via shredding or sanitized with specialized data destruction software that complies with NIST 800-88 Media Sanitation Guidelines. Which method we use is determined by customer requirements and reusability.

This destruction process is closely monitored internally and audited externally by a third-party that specializes in data destruction forensics. Our rigorous process ensures that we maintain a 100% success rate with data destruction and can offer Data Destruction Certification.

Secure Data Destruction

Spectrum Ecycle has vast expertise and resources to fully manage your technology disposal process, from equipment pick-up to certified secure data destruction and technology recycling.

For many years, we have voluntarily entered into a rigorous and independently audited industry certification process because we know how important it is to our customers, like you, that your unwanted equipment be handled responsibly. In fact, this certification process is similar to what you would see in a hospital, manufacturing, or financial institution – no data can be compromised.