Frequently Asked Questions

Why recycle with Spectrum Ecycle?

We are your convenient St. Louis electronics, appliance, and technology recycling company certified in the three most important industry standards. We perform data destruction on every piece of equipment, responsibly recycle, refurbish, reuse, and donate to local non-profits. We offer pick-up service for commercial and residential. Read more here.

Do you work with businesses and commercial outlets?

Yes! We are very strong in business and commercial recycling and make it easy with our own trucks dedicated to electronics pick-up. We also box it up, palletize and load it, and provide documentation and certifications for all of it.

Is there a limit to the amount of equipment we can accept?

No, there is no limit to the amount of equipment we can accept.

Do you allow residential electronics and appliance recycling?

Absolutely! We are open to the public and encourage households to recycle as many unwanted electronics and appliances as possible.

Can I drop off electronics and appliances?

Yes. We are open 7:00-5:00, Monday-Friday.

Do you pick up unwanted electronics and appliances?

Yes, residentialcommercial, non-profits from 8:00-2:00, Monday-Friday. $110 within the St. Louis metro area unless you have a large quantity.

How do I know the information on my unwanted computer is safe?

Spectrum is certified in the three most important industry standards for responsible recycling and offers data destruction documentation and certification. Read more here.

Does it cost money to recycle electronics and appliances?
Most electronics are free to recycle with Spectrum. There are a few items that carry a small charge. See those here.
Why do some items cost money to recycle?

Some items contain hazardous materials that must be handled with a labor-intensive multi-step process and sent to facilities that can dispose of those properly, without harm to the environment.

What payment methods does Spectrum Ecycle accept?
We accept cash, check or charge and all major credit card carriers.
What happens to the items accepted by Spectrum?

We have a 5-10 step process that includes data destruction and ends with your electronics and appliances either getting responsibly recycled, refurbished and reused or donated. Read more here.

What do I do with the few items Spectrum Ecycle doesn’t accept?

We have listed where you can take household hazardous waste, light bulbs, single-use batteries, thermometers with mercury, and smoke detectors here.

Can I request that my unwanted electronics be donated?

You may request that we donate your unwanted electronics but we cannot guarantee that it will happen. Each piece of equipment must go through a lengthy process to see if it even qualifies for reuse. If it does, there’s another process we follow to decide if it gets resold or donated. We try to donate as much as possible.