Businesses & Organizations

Spectrum Ecycle focuses on serving small to medium businesses, non-profits, schools, and organizations in the St. Louis metropolitan and surrounding communities.

We understand how demanding it is to effectively manage the entire life cycle of your technology. Your IT staff is already stretched thin with managing production technology; yet you cannot neglect the necessity to dispose of your inventory of obsolete equipment. Our goal is to partner with you to streamline and simplify the tasks necessary to securely and responsibly retire your obsolete equipment so you can maximize your ability to serve your organization’s core business.

We provide solutions that fit your unique needs and budget. Here are a few of our standard services:

  • Convenient pick up or drop off – We schedule pick ups at your location that fit your schedule or you may drop off at our facility near Page and Lindbergh. (call ahead for drop off)
  • Data Destruction – We securely sanitize every hard disk we receive. Hardware and software tools guarantee accurate and permanent data destruction.
  • Documentation – After each pick up or facility drop off, we provide you with a report; including total weight, description, and quantities. Certificates of data destruction are available upon request.

The Process

Here’s the general process from start to finish:

  1. You contact us and tell us what equipment you have and where it’s located
  2. We schedule a pick up or you may drop off at our facility
  3. Our crew palletizes, boxes up, and labels the equipment from your storage area and loads it on our truck
  4. Your equipment goes directly to our facility for processing
  5. The equipment is weighed and documented
  6. Data destruction is completed and documented (additional fees apply for certified data destruction)
  7. You receive a report documenting what was received, the total weight, and certificates of data destruction

We know that you may require other related disposal services. Our goal is to help you complete the end-of-life processing of your equipment using methods that best fit your needs.




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